Whats "Happening"

What’s “Happening”?

     The Ruck Report is all about Happening and I keep hearing a jubilant voice in the back of my mind joyfully proclaiming that This Is Happening! A lot has happened in just 7 days and the daily grind of my past-work has melted away like a distant dream amidst new places, faces and challenges. My newly adopted concept of Happening is not merely isolated to the exclusively experienced events of my own life. Little we do is solely a product of our own actions and efforts. When Jon Gomm, a guitar virtuoso (see set list 1), was asked in an interview to ascribe what lent to his break-out success, he responded that “People Happened”. The deep significance of the statement did not escape me and I find the notion quite profound. People Happen. It was a humble and appreciative perspective of the capacity for others to propel us to success. We can fancy ourselves talented but the recognition, appreciation and admiration of others creates the inter-dependent dance of all things significant that Happen with our talents be it success or failure. Happening is the unfolding of events that occur with the energy created when you lift others up with your talents and the synergy experienced when you are yourself lifted by theirs. When minds, hearts and aptitudes support one another, something amazing Happens! So, while I am anxious to wax poetic over my ramblings to date, I want to take a moment to recognize how some inspiring people are Happening with The Ruck Report and simultaneously, helping make The Ruck Report Happen.

My time is predominately experienced alone so to inspire others with my happening, I required an outlet that enables others to join me on the journey and, without expectation, people happened and The Ruck Report was born. I have dreamed for years of a place to reflect my creativity and my brother, John, selflessly offered the services of his team at Rudder Creative. When it comes to web design and development, my only recommendation is Rudder. As the developers of my site, I think the talent and innovation of the group is aptly displayed. John Cox and Drew Allen partnered their talent and put together the Rudder Creative Team and I am excited to watch their continued growth and success. My site would not have been possible without their time and creative contribution. I described my dream site, which afforded some technical hurdles, and Rudder delivered on each-and-every request to date. Everything I envisioned is coming to life through their efforts. The site will continue to grow and develop so keep checking back to see their evolving innovations as we have some fun easter eggs to find coming on to the site soon as well as new content. I hope you will join me in helping them happen by recommending them to anyone you know in need of a stellar custom designed web site. Click on their logo in the partner section to see their web page and like them on Facebook and Instagram.

Before I even met Michael Paul, I was clear that he knows what it takes to make things Happen and lead others to do the same. The unit he served with, while on active duty in the armed services protecting our nation and way of life, was one of the most capable group of soldiers in the world and not an easy affiliation to earn. I know from personal experience, as I was mud deep in the indoctrination course of the very same unit at the very same time Michael was transferring out, yet we never crossed. Decades later, our visions met in the flesh on a random referral from a mutual friend. Happen-stance, perhaps? After meeting, I quickly understood that Michael’s sense of service did not stop with an Honorable Discharge. He continues to act as a spokesperson, advocate and leader to the brave men that sacrificed a great deal for our country and he tirelessly strives to those ends through his 501c-3 non-profit, On Target 4 Veterans (OT4V). Not unlike our chance proximity in ‘94, his non-profit just happens to support a group of men I have long hoped to work with again in the outdoors, but on our terms and on our time and here was an incredible opportunity as Michael has created a network adventurous and capable vets. A business entrepreneur and a forerunner in adaptive athletics, Michael is an award-winning poly-athlete with a ferocious focus. He creates time for numerous business partnerships, his non-profit and competes in Tennis, softball, basketball, skiing, golfing, fishing, cycling, sky diving and hockey with the Nashville “Sled Preds” while also inspiring and leading others in adaptive-athletics. Click his logo and check out his site and see what he is doing for our community vets. I can think of no greater sacrifice than offering your life to your country and we can never repay our veterans enough but we can support and fund those that care for their minds, bodies and families after discharge or the ultimate sacrifice so help make his organization continue to happen for our brave patriots.

Two things in life that I find endlessly endearing and inspirational is art and the great outdoors. Anderson Design Group happens to embody both. Award-winning founder and multi-faceted creative, Joel Anderson, has worked with his team in producing a long list of branding, advertising and artistic endeavors for an impressive list of clients since 1993. In recognition of the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, Joel and his son, Nathan, commemorated the event with a book and product line illustrating 59 National Parks. With 26 of those parks on my list, I was elated when a mutual friend gifted me a copy of their work, and much to my chagrin, Joel’s business card included. I explored the ADG site and learned that a large part of their philosophy was to “create powerful art that gets noticed, communicates on an emotional level and compels people to act” I was certainly compelled! And since my efforts are designed to inspire an impulse the relevance and opportunity were clear and I reached out to Joel and you can see where this is going…Are you beginning to see what I mean when people happen? What better way to share my inspiration than to showcase what his team has made happen, where it all happened, while I am happening! Check out his groups site by clicking on their logo and keep an eye out for the Find Ruck give away sponsored by Anderson Design Group. Details coming soon!

A final exploitation is in order with regards to my affectionately known Zombie Apocalypse Brother (ZAB), David Jaap. While he is not reflected on the partner page, anyone who knows the aptly nicknamed Magic Jaap would agree he is a brand in and of himself, no logo required. I am fortunate to have benefited from his charismatic ability to connect the right people at the tight time. David is a formidable network creator and life coach and while I still have not received my bill, what I take away from his advice and confidence is priceless. David has played an integral role in forging the relationships and network that have led to the emerging support of my adventure and I would encourage anyone to make his acquaintance but it’s likely you already have. Special note: Should the Zombie Apocalypse occur in my absence, please locate, secure and escort Magic Jaap to my location (see Find Ruck) for offensive protective posture as after we are done with the walkers, a righteous party will likely ensue!

And in conclusion, this happening site is dedicated to my Mother and Father who made me happen. Everyone I touch in life…every impulse my words or actions create, is a direct reflection of your love.

Ruck Out…

  1. Now this is some great morning reading! Inspired and ready to go make something happen today! Beautifully said, and a beautiful impact you’ve had (and are having) on your world.

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