Leatherman Skeletool CX

Leatherman Skeletool CX

     So, you have procured an EPIRB, as recommenced in my first review, and you set out on the trail.  I suspect it will not take long to develop a chill with no other gear. Further, imagining you naked with nothing else but a locator beacon inclines me to recommend my second piece of crucial equipment:  The Leatherman Skeletool CX.  ($80)

Every adventurer is different when it comes down to the “bare” essentials and the Skeletool CX is a lean package.  What you are likely desiring most at this point is the warmth of a fire or the total body coverage of a comfortable fur.  With This multi-tool, designed with the minimalist in mind, you have everything you need to fashion both.

The Skeletool CX produces a 2.5-inch steel blade that can easily craft a bow drill rig for fire starting or slice some vines for lashings.  Tethered to a stick and you have a hunting weapon for stifling the hunger if you are quicker than a bunny.  The Skeletool CX also sports a set of pliers for easy game skinning.  The only other additions on this instrument are a 4-bit screw driver set for handy gear repair and a bottle opener for cracking that cold one…or two that you wish you had before you ended up overly exposed in the wilderness.  With a handy attachment clip, closed length of 4.25 Inches and weighing in at 5 oz., the Skeletool CX is a heavyweight contender in the ultralight tool kit.

Some outdoorsmen swear by other gear in their must have quiver.  Machetes are a common option.  Waterproof matches, a map & compass and water are also common fail safes. Ultimately your objectives and the situations you anticipate encountering will dictate.  For me, it is almost always the knife. Here are some other things knives can be utilized for in a survival scenario:

  • Defense
  • Route Clearing
  • Wood Cutting
  • Wood Splitting
  • Digging
  • Can Opener
  • Eating Utensil
  • Tent Stake
  • Hammer
  • Manufactures other tools (Spears, etc.)
  • Gear Repair
  • Rope Production
  • Shelter Construction
  • First Aid Instrument
  • If the blade is not subdued and can reflect the sun, it becomes a potential rescue signaling device

A knife has amazing versatility and the Leatherman Skeletool CX is the perfect lightweight companion for the conscientious ultra-lighter and Rucks recommendation for multi-tools. Leatherman produces dozens of instruments for any occasion so check them out and see which fit is best for your adventures.

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